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8 Tips For Choosing The Right Gym During Covid-19

Gyms and Fitness Centers all around India are finally opening up under Unlock 4.0 after months of being shut down provided they adhere to the new safety standards.

Many people are excited and pumped up to hit the gym again and get back to their fitness routine after months of home workout regime. Good immunity is our best defense against COVID-19 and can be achieved through building on our fitness level.  Building immunity is the need of the hour.

However, it is indispensable to keep safety as the top priority when visiting a fitness center to prevent yourself from contracting the virus or being a potential carrier of the virus and making others sick.

So, if you are ready to hit the gyms again, consider these tips for staying safe. 

1. Contact the gym

Call up the Gym to inquire whether they are following the rules and regulations issued by the government and what other safety measures they are taking. Ask about their management of hygiene, whether they are doing temperature checks, regular sanitization, social distancing etc. If these basic measures aren't being followed then you need to rethink your decision of joining that particular gym and look for other options.

2. Locality check for COVID hotspots

Check that the gym should not be located in a hotspot/containment zone or in the vicinity of a locality which seems to have a high incidence of cases.

3. Check for ventilation

Gyms with good ventilation set-up or places with outdoor setups should be preferred over a packed and closed indoor environment. The latter can be a breeding ground for germs and infections. It increases the chances of the virus travelling due to the moist and humid closed environment.  

4. Carry personal items

Carry personal items like napkins, towels, mats, masks etc. to the gyms and avoid using the mats from the gym.

5. Sanitize

Carry sanitizer with you to the gym and make sure you sanitize as necessary. Most gyms provide spray sanitizers that you can use to sanitize the bench or gym equipment before your use. Make use of these and make sure the gym is also undertaking regular sanitization.

6. Stick to your time slot

Book your time slot beforehand. Arrive and leave at your allotted time slot to avoid overcrowding at any point of time and prevent unnecessary hassle.

7. Wear gloves and sweatbands

Wearing gloves and sweatbands prevent you from touching your face to wipe off the sweat with something else and you tend to exercise more consciously. Gloves also work as an added layer of protection while handling gym equipment.

8. Assess your health

Refrain from going to the gym if you feel unwell. It puts you and the people around you at risk as they could contract germs and infections from you or vice-versa due to your immune system being weak because of your ill health. Stay at home and rest till you feel better.

Be sure to take the time out to indulge in some kind of physical pursuit. There are various options to get you up and moving, from home workouts and virtual fitness classes to outdoor classes, gyms and fitness centers. All this while being extra careful and taking safety precautions. Building your immunity is in your hands. Let’s get to work!