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Don"t Panic beat the Pndemic


Don"t Panic beat the Pandemic
My Name is Nitin Rawat Event Organiser by Profession.Love to do Travelling , Gyming ,Meditating and exploring the nature.
Life was going on..

Action,Events,The never ending list of "Things to do",
A million Meetings,A Zillion hopes to accomplish everything in future & then suddenly
Everything stopped.
A Complete Full Stop
Corona Virus was till now was just some virus affecting people in remote China, never imagined or thought that it would hit Mainland India so hard
Well it arrived as a trickle and then suddenly withing 6 weeks we started hearing someone we knew,
getting affected
I"m young,totally into life,living to the fullest,taking care of & enjoying my body, a working-partying-socializing
-gym going person,who so far never thought of "Mental Health"as an issue
It was always afflicting someone else-I never thought that i would have to encounter it first hand
All the things that i thought were an integral part of my life came to a standstill
Work-It stopped,& when it started it was " work from home" in an environment I wanted to escape all
the while
Partying-was left to looking at pictures in my phone,of the days gone by
Socializing-was reduced to looking at the screens,meetings people over video calls
Going to the Gym-forget it-One couldn"t even go to the parks for stroll
Where did it leave me
Itas easier to say all the time that I want to be alone,when one has to face the reality,its really harsh,it
hits you when you are left all to yourself
It was easier keeping a pretense on Video Calls & escaping the reality which was dark
I stareted losing weight & my overall health
Then one day , lying on my bed i was reminded of saying which I had heard often, but never felt its
truth so strongly-the magic words "This too shall pass"
These words were my anchor & I held onto them for my life
I talked myself into making a discipline for my confined exixtence
The First thing-  I started getting up on a fixed time,helping my folks with the householdchores-which I
thought were always beneathme-but now were a source of Sharing & Bonding
Then I started getting ready for my Video Calls-no more unshaven being at home looks
I started eating on time
I walked the length & breadth of my house completing 10,000 steps everday
My Grand Mom"s Foot Stool was my prop to doing my daily push-ups
Then the most important-I started doing meditations
I turned to You Tube for Guided Meditations, & then slowly when i got the knack I started meditating on
my own
Meditation guided me towards my Life,s purpose
It also helped me to see through the Clouds in my mind
It is extremely easy to get lost, but to find yourself is the biggest blessing
These tough times have taught me:
It is not the Survival of the Fittest
It is the survival of the centered
So no matter what life brings,

I look forward to living every moment with Zest


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