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Exercise To Beat Stress

Exercising and maintaining a physically active lifestyle is vital. And it’s a lot of fun too!

Exercise raises our heartrate, improves physical fitness, overall health and wellbeing. It also has numerous benefits like building strength and stamina, improving muscle tone and endurance.

Stress is basically our body’s reaction to tension caused by external or internal factors. It is the body’s natural response to situations that cause discomfort. When stress affects the mind, it also affects the body causing headache, fatigue, food binging episodes   and basically leading to discomfort and irritability

In today’s times since we have been forced to stick to once place and are confined due to the pandemic, it has caused a shift to a sedentary lifestyle.  This lack of activity can lead to a rapid increase in psychological issues and anxiety.

It is proven that any form of physical pursuit has stress relieving characteristics and promotes overall wellbeing.

How does exercise help with stress?

Exercise directly affects a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. It regulates release of hormones like endorphins, dopamine etc. that act as painkillers and make us feel good and relaxed. It also reduces the effect of stress inducing hormones.

It also helps to improve concentration and sleep.

You may have noticed that after a good sweat session, you end up feeling mentally satiated.

How much exercise do you need?

That depends on your lifestyle, body type and requirement. If you are only looking to blow off some steam then you could go for any type for workout and can exercise as per your convenience. But if you want to exercise to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle then there might be a couple of things that you’d want to keep in mind such as your body type.

There are broadly 3 body types

  1. Ectomorph - Tends to be predominantly thin and struggles to gain weight either as muscle or fat
  2. Endomorph - Tends to gain weight easily and keep it on. Their build is a little wider than ectomorphs or mesomorphs
  3. Mesomorphs - They lie in between the other two body types and have tendencies to gain muscle and stay fit

What type of exercise helps with stress?

  • Any type of physical exercise can help relieve stress. So, you could pick up anything that you enjoy doing.  For example, dance or running.
  • Don’t start off with something that you don’t enjoy because you might end up hating it and feel further demotivated.
  • You could start with something like brisk walking or jogging. Gradually increase the pace and intensity and keep it dynamic. Doing the same kind of exercise everyday can feel monotonous and you might end up losing interest. Therefore, a mix of few activities is the key.
  • You should work on all muscle groups as all of them are important. Space out your routine so that one day you do abs, the other day legs and so on.

When it comes to exercise, there are lot of options to choose from. So, let’s get up and about, start working out!