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Fitness - - An Indispensable Part Of Life - -

A healthy mind needs a healthy body to coordinate each other for conducting a beautiful personality .Its often said, everything lost can be gained back in life but once health is lost it won't be .So, the most perennial need of a Healthy body is regular exercise and maintaining fitness needs devotion and dedication. Each individual has its own piece of fitness story to be shared to,so as mine. In this global Pandemic , where everything got stagnant ,so as body ,slowly bt steadily my body started gaining weight and extra wholesome of calories and fats started accumulating in body.It was like sleeping flesh mass which needs urgent current to move on.
A fire of self motivation got ignited in mind and soul which drove whole body to start up fitness with urgency and strictly.Morning started with glass of warm water ,to all the stretching exercises with compulsory Yogas followed by evening slow jugging with cardio exercises.Food habits needed to be changed with proper diet, intake became like a worship.
There was no cheat day atall. There is always a reward for everything that is done with determination, dedication, devotion and more importantly with honesty .Body started to feel light, more stretchable , enthusiastic and overall loss of weight started giving a different kind of confidence .
Fitness to a body is as important as oxygen intake .Each individual needs to understand what kind of fitness his or her body require and perform  actions accordingly to make body fit and active forever.

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