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Fitness - A journey, not a destination

I am a software engineer and spend most of the time sitting

It was during 2016, that my back and knee started to pain, which was when i started to look back upon myself
My weight had increased but most concerning part to me was the latherginess and the knee pain as soon i walk a little
I started walking in the morning and also started to gym. I Started drinking lots of water
I lost weight, and started feeling better and fit. I also realised being fit is not about just loosing weight but feeling better from inside 
I would suggest everyone to indulge in any form of excersing , Be it a simple 30-40 minutes of walking
And also, the most important thing is the routine that you follow, the excercise you do , dont stop even if you achieve your goal.
Find some motivation factor that keeps you going. For me it is : I want to eat anything i want  and for that my body needs to be fit to be able to digest it
Make fitness as a lifestyle and a never ending journey
Everyone is occupied in there ventures but do remember if you have good health you have everything because of you dont have good health, no matter how much money you have, you can't enjoy with it
Make Groups or connect with people / family / friends and get to start with your fitness regime so that you dont feel bored  
Spend on for your good health not for curing your health . As they say 'Prevention is better than cure' 

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