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‘Fitness is nothing but a challenge from within’


 To me fitness has always been the prime thing in life , regardless of me not being regular in workout or keeping my diet up to date but considering the fact I have always kept a balanced diet regime which has been in existence for a quite a long time .

In this pandemic situation , where there’s equal amount of laziness and more of munching fast foods , I have kept myself in routine where I take meals accordingly and utilize my utmost time in doing physical activities too. Well we all know how health is so important to everyone, ignoring all the negative things going around the world , one must focus on the positive things as much as possible and a person like me focuses on more of positivity  and less of negativity .

In initial stages of the pandemic, I felt hopeless of the fact that what will I do without gym ? Or what will I do without going out for my physical activities which I used to follow with utmost dedication.

Well the answer of it lies in the fact as soon as the time evolved , months passed , days went by The inner dedication eventually brought out curiosity and enthusiasm for myself that building my own workout routine and doing as much possible activities I can do from home is quite much possible for the health . 

Health is nothing but one of the most large investment in oneself 

We invest money buying various products to get slim , to gain weight or vice versa , what all we forget is how we can really invest our minds in putting these things away and investing our fitness even through our intellect . Pandemic period has therefore taught many of us that if a person has to survive at the fittest then the person has to invest in all the efforts of self motivation and dedication to build a perfect body and healthy regime


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