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Fitness : A Necessary Dose Of Happiness

Of course everyone wants to have a healthy lifestyle and be in shape,but how can we keep up in this fast-paced world?                                                      A full-time job,a family that needs our attention,other duties that we can't say "no" to,and so on.This is why we feel lack of time for paying attention on our fitness.As a result,we are vulnerable to various types of illnesses and some of them cause to death.                                                             I have my own personal experience in this matter.I want to talk a little bit about my fitness journey.I have always struggled greatly with low self-esteem,clinical depression and severe anxiety.These have been exacerbated by working too much,putting too much pressure on myself,not taking care of my health and fitness,along with external stressors.Unfortunately,this crisis made me a victim of alcoholism.Eventually,I became so stressed out,depressed and chemically imbalanced that I was incapacitated and couldn't get through normal daily activities.Due to these unforeseen activities,family taunts set me apart.Sometimes,the constant worsening of health and loneliness forced me to commit suicide.                                                     But someone has told one good thing "the one who has no one has god's company".Therefore,by the mercy of God,my inner conscience encouraged me a lot during tough time.                                                                  I still remember those days when I was reading news,in order to this I read about a girl diagnosed with stage IA Breast Cancer,after finding a small tumor near the surface of her breast.Since the cancer destroys human body from the inside out.So,the doctor told her parents that you should try to keep her as happy as possible because she may not able to stay with you for long now.But she defeated cancer by dint of her self-confidence,positive attitude and physical workout.This whole incident left me feeling confident and encouraged me too.                                                  So,for good treatment I went  to Psychiatrist.He prescribed me heavy dosages of some drugs such as Zoloft,Lexapro for depressive symptoms and Xanax,Desyrel for anxiety.Due to long intake of drugs lead many harmful side effects like hair loss,dark circle,insomnia etc.So,in this way Professional medical help wasn't giving me the relief,I really wanted.So,I started exploring lifestyle changes.I had to slowly start out walking one to two miles and after many months,I eventually progressed to running five to seven miles.This helped me to boost my natural endorphin production which in turn helped my mood. Further I added weight lifting,meditation,Surya Namaskar,Yoga Asanas and breathing exercises to  my  routine.Ultimately,the exercises helped me a lot and saved my life naturally by reducing stress,improving my breathing abilities,balancing my body's chemicals,clearing my headaches ,giving me more energy,improving self-esteem and returning my testosterone levels to normal healthy levels.                                                                   At last,I want to advise all the people politely not to compromise their health because health is the most important thing that a person should take care of leading a healthy lifestyle which leads to happiness,success and achievements.

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