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Fitness makes man perfect

View the current situation in the world, many people are suffering from depression.There are many reasons for this situation. How do we come out of this situation? There are many solutions but one important solution is Fitness. How we keep fit, create daily routine for exercise, Gym, running, last important one is yoga. Yoga keeps the mind fresh. Fitness helps man enjoy a happy life. He is not depressed by it.

 Current Covid 19 situation, fitness is important here. A fit man can defeat covid19 situation. In current situation, fitness is the most important role. So, seriousness is needed about fitness for every person. In the world, we watch that in current time fit man fights against corona virus.

 We are thinking how it possible for us. Never impossible for any person, so be serious. Without fitness man falls ill every time. He is not enjoying happy life in the world. Every time take part in Fit India Movement program, they share important knowledge about fitness.

 Today's need for the world is fitness. We can create fit India movement in our country. We can make a fitness team. She gives brand to the world. We can make fitness world. Fit man needs to share their helpful knowledge to unfit people. When he takes this knowledge of fitness, that he needs to create time for regular exercise, join gym, regular running, join yoga.

 In our country many people keep their fitness brand to us, such as Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Usain Bolt, Saina Nehwal etc. They regularly exercise, run, do

yoga. When we watch these people, our mind thinks - how can I have same fitness as these people, why is it not possible for us? So, the world needs fitness.

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