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How Corona Stopped My Rona.

Hi , Myself Payal Nanda , I am a French Teacher and I am 28 years old. Before Corona I was a hardcore gym going girl as I really wanted to lose weight , but after several hours of sweat I was same everyday everytime , but when this corona lockdown started. I utilise my free time in best way.

I studied many nutrition related books and Google many things related to weight loss. I thought of changing myself completely as when I will meet my friends again they should be in shock. I started my weight loss journey because as I am fat I lost all the confidence , I was avoiding parties , get together and my social life was a big ZERO. So I took a decision and started my lockdown with balanced dieting in which I avoided all the preservatives things. I made diet plans for me a day advance so that I should know what I will be eating and making very next day. With this I started skipping and doing light exercises at home. I did this regularly for 2 months without any supplements only home made food , after that when I started feeling bored from my workout I decide to go to park and walk for half an hour and guys It did wonders for me. With diet and exercise in 3-4 months I lost 20 kgs and now when I met my friends they were shocked and it boosted my motivation.


With this I launched my youtube channel on health and fitness , my channel name is Nanda ka funda. I just want to share that if you stick to one thing with full health and confidence no one can stop u and once you achieve your goals you will feel a sense of completion. Be fit eat healthy and don't follow fad diets.

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