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Is It Safe To Go To A Gym During Covid Pandemic

As Gyms are gradually opening in Delhi under Unlock 4.0, is it really safe to go back to gyms in the midst of this pandemic?

It is proven that the coronavirus does not spread through sweat. But this does not necessarily mean that working out has low infection risk.

A well conducted Norwegian study implied that the chances of gym goers contracting the virus were not specifically high as compared to the people who don't go to gyms. But does that mean that it is okay to go back to the gym?

Another research conducted in South Korea implied that a lot of people contracted the virus in dance fitness classes , sports facilities etc. where there were moist, humid and confined spaces.

Gym lovers or people who want to blow off some steam or those who want to shed those extra kilos gained during Covid lockdown are keen on joining gym as soon as possible.

If gyms are open in your area, there are certain things to be kept in mind before getting back to one. You need to ensure your safety and that of others around you as the virus is still as dangerous as ever.

1. The most important things to be kept in mind before joining-

  • You need to assess the risk before joining back.
  • You have to factor in the pros and cons of your decision and whether your gym is in compliance with the COVID prevention guidelines issued by the government or not.

2. Precautions-

  • Avoid joining the gym if the area you reside in is a containment zone/hotspot
  • Avoid joining the gym if you are unwell to minimise the chances of you infecting other people and also exerting yourself too much
  • People with pre-existing conditions like diabetes, asthma etc. are at a higher risk of getting infected so try to avoid joining the gym

In case you are joining-

  • Book your slots online
  • Arrive and leave on your allotted time to prevent ambiguity and crowding
  • Carry your personal supplies such as water bottles, towels, yoga mat etc.
  • Follow social distancing even while working out and maintain a minimum distance of 6ft.
  • Sanitize your hands after every use of the equipments and do not touch your face and do carry a small bottle of sanitizer to be on the safer side
  • Wear gloves while handling gym equipments to offset direct contact with any infected surface
  • Avoid wearing masks while working out and use face visors instead
  • Limit or avoid attending group classes

4. Your gym will be deemed safe if-

  • COVID regulations are being followed
  • Thermal screening at reception is taking place
  • Staff members are using face masks, visors etc.
  • The gym equipment is being sanitized after every session
  • Social distancing is being enforced