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Israeli Fitness Training System BlazePod Raises around 9 Million Dollars

Israeli startup BlazePod the creators of the original Flash Reflex (FRX) fitness training system, has raised an additional $8.5 million in a second funding round, the company announced last week.

The round was led by private equity fund AP Partners. This fund specializes in small and medium-sized Israeli companies with potential in the global market. Israeli partners Israel Shliser and Hagai Stadler led the investment.

The round brings the five-year-old company’s total funding to $10 million.

Founded in 2015 by Yaniv Schneiderman, BlazePod is a professional-level interactive fitness-training program, which combines engaging lighting pods and an intuitive smartphone app with hundreds of activities.

BlazePod is a professional-level interactive fitness-training program consisting of touch sensors and a smartphone app. The BlazePod console functions as a personal or competitive fitness platform that tracks user performance. The program offers a revolutionary approach to training and fitness, leveraging engaging visual cues to train physically and cognitively and create faster, stronger, more elite athletes. The physical-cognitive tool (Flash Reflex Training) is based on Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

BlazePod has been used by Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen, Liverpool footballer Roberto Firmino, the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team, the US Army, the IDF, and physiotherapists and kindergartens in Israel.

This funding round is designed to support the continued growth of the company, the development of additional fitness and sports verticals, and to allow the company to expand its workforce over the coming months.

“Today more than ever, the fitness and professional sports market is ready for unique technologies that can maximize training and adapt itself to the changing needs of the product users,” said Shneiderman. “There is no doubt that the Covid-19 and social distancing have strengthened the need for an available interactive product for use in any setting or space.”