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Life will keep running if you keep running

Life expectancy has become highly variable, you can see perfectly fit looking persons succumbing to heart attack and mind you 90 percent of first heart attacks are fatal.
I have seen people succumbing to heart attack who used to walk daily and eat vegetarian food. I am talking only about heart attack because it is one and only thing which will kill you instantly.
So now comes the POINT OF FITNESS. Follow the one and only saying - HEALTH IS WEALTH, nothing is above health. Not even money can save you even if you have plenty. Money can save you only if you utilise it to stay healthy. 
Now how to stay healthy. Only gyming, only weight training will not do any good. You need combination of workouts and of course a well maintained diet. Diet contributes 80 percent in your fitness and rest just 20 percent is exercise. 
I believe in running daily in combination with weight training on alternate days. But every individual can create or find his/her own training regime, in which he is comfortable. 
Gym a great place for training and exercise as it will bound you in a routine, and believe me to stay fit and healthy yoh definitely need a daily routine. A daily routine for weekdays when you eat healthy and do exercise and then you can let your hairs down in the weekend. May be a cheat day on Friday or Saturday because fun is also essential for a healthy mind. You don't need plenty of money to stay fit, just keep in mind eat less and run more.
So guys eat healthy and keep running.

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