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My fitness box.

Write about your fitness journey they asked. Well, if only it was as simple as ABC or run that 20km. Writing about your life changing experience about fitness is not so easy when we have been boxed-up between four walls because of a disease the world cannot fully explain yet. Now this may not seem so difficult but when your body craves that treadmill and when your legs desperately needs to stretch, it’s not so much fun in a box. “Stay inside!” [The prison box]. “Flee for your life!” [The paranoid box]. “Start stressing about your future!” [The depression box].

We have all been boxed for quite some time but our minds will always be free. Wait. This is it. This is the life changing, fitness journey and lesson for all of us. We always say fitness has no excuses but look at us now. Let’s think outside the box while we are in it, shall we? My fitness journey is not a spectacular one where I have overcome all my fears and became the world’s best fitness junky.

I am an everyday YOU being forced to fit in a box. Gyms were closed for such a long time. As a woman, is it truly safe to go jogging outside alone? The struggles. The frustration. Promising myself that grey hair and picking up weight would never be my fortune. The box. We are in it. But there’s a reason why they call it ‘thinking outside the box’ and not ‘climbing outside the box’. I have to think first. I have to get my mind strong first before I can carve my body into shape. Inside the box. Inside I started excersizing. Inside I started running from the living room to the bathroom and back. Inside I started to work on those abs. Inside my yard I started running up and down. Inside the house. Inside my mind I was strong. Inside the box. “Look at how your body is changing!” “You are becoming so healthy!” “You look and feel amazing!” ... My fitness box.

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