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My Fitness Journey

A Little Story of My Fitness Journey so Far
Something I’ve always wanted to talk about my fitness journey. So when I reached out on this platform to see if this was something you’d like to see more of, your positive responses made this post happen.
One of the main things I want to do with this story is inspire you through my own experiences. Since fitness is such a big part of my life, it made total sense to add this as a new category. And here we are!
We all have different reasons for starting a fitness journey. It’s only now I look back at my own that I’ve realised how passionate I’ve become about it and how much I’ve learnt. Whenever I have a conversation with someone about fitness, I find myself talking non-stop about things to do on your journey and what I’ve learnt.
I’ve always been on the slim(ish) side of things, but I was never as slim as I wanted to be. I'm built in the way that I really need to watch what I eat. My brother is the complete opposite – he can eat anything and not put the fat anywhere. But if I ate rubbish five days a week, you’d be able to tell. When I was in school I always had a bit of extra “puppy fat”. Then when I got to my second year of university, I started to notice the puppy fat wasn't shifting. If anything, it was becoming even more defined.
Motivation has never been an issue for me. I don’t know why I didn't start exercising before I did. When I was younger I did a lot of walking and cycling – but not intentional exercise. Then at the start of 2018 when I was coming out of a dark place, I thought exercise might be able to help.
I was planning the launch of my story blog that spring and that’s when I came across the first post I ever read – a review of the 30 Day Shred. I’ve never looked back.
I spent that year working through the 30 Day Shred over and over again. Those six months were a complete transformation. The foundations that I needed to make some changes in my body were purely down to the 30 Day Shred. I could not recommend a beginner workout enough.
After a while though, my body started getting used to the exercises and I realised I wasn't challenging myself enough. That’s when I came across a website called Fitnessblender.com, which has hundreds of workout videos that all focus on different parts of the body. I started up a schedule where I did the 30 Day Shred every other day and on the free days, I’d work a different part of my body using a Fitnessblender video.
I started pushing myself to do more strength training, work harder at HIIT and really make sure that my body was working at its best.
Now, I work out four to five times a week and I'm lifting heavier weights than I’ve ever lifted before. I’ve found new workouts to try and I can’t wait to get started. But that’s not what matters to me the most.I'm by no means an expert, but I do know how much a healthy lifestyle can fulfil you. So if you’re thinking about switching up your fitness routine or you want to embark on one, here are some tips for you.I live my life by thinking positively. I always try to be such a positive person. But sometimes, it’s just hard. We can’t be all smiles all the time. Situations and people have brought out negativity in me that I never thought possible, and it’ll be the same for you. Stay away from people that blow their own trumpet too much, stay away from people who aren’t honest and stay away from anyone that tries to turn you into something you're not.
Stay away from those type of persons.
This a little part of my whole fitness journey.
I hope you like it 

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