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My fitness story

Starting a fitness routine after a baby is really tough task, coz we end up having no time.But I'm trying my best to continue it by walking, pranayam, cycling, having healthy recipes whenever possible & being positive.
I'm not a fitness person from the beginning but my I need to have a happy and healthy life ahead so I decided myself that I need to change my routine and add this fitness schedule everyday. It's not easy to for a new mother because barbies are unpredictable and nothing gonna happen as planned, so I decided that I need to workout when ever I get the time, even it's just 5 minutes, I should not giveup.
Fitness is not only restricted to shape but for a healthy body and mind. I'm taking all the suggestions from my family and friends. Eating healthy because i can't afford to compromise on the quality of mother's milk. Now it's a really really difficult task cause eating plenty and getting back to the person once I was. But I'm taking it easy and slow. One day I'm gonna be satisfied with the results of my work that I am doing today.
Actually we all in a better place to work out,we don't need a good trainer physically, now everything is available in the mobile, so I'm watching so many videos and suggestions. I'm choosing what's best for me and my body. Thanks to the family which is behind me. The positive vibes my family gives me has a serious effect on my health and mood. That's what inspires me every now and then.

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