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My Voyage from a Food Junkie to a Fitness Coach

A few years ago, one evening, with one hand over my friend’s shoulder, completely drained and  walking unsteadily, I reached the hospital. I barely had the energy to speak and was worried it might be something serious. The doctor’s prognosis was that I had weakness caused by diarrhoea and vomiting. He gave me an injection and prescribed a few medicines. This was the fourth day since I was not keeping well and just consuming liquid food. While I was relieved it wasn’t anything major, I realized I needed to understand what brought this on. 


Lying on my bed, I started thinking what went wrong? A quick analysis made me realize that  bad eating habits (5-6 days a week eating outside street food),  improper sleep routine and a sedentary lifestyle lead to this. What struck me was that I had never felt so weak or helpless in my entire life. I decided to not let that happen to me again. I had always thought that being young, my immune system would safeguard me but this was a wake up call. The feeling of helplessness and being unable to even walk on my own, scared me. This was a turning point for me.


As is the case with most novices, I started looking around for solutions. I started by following most of the myths. Not eating rice, eating very less or skipping dinner and lots and lots of cardio (jogging). I was happy seeing the results kick in but was feeling weak as days progressed. Something was wrong! A healthy lifestyle was supposed to make me feel stronger but this was the opposite. I realized relying on unverified information and following such practices was winding up causing me more harm than gains. 


I realized I had to seek proper guidance if I wanted to get my fitness journey on the right path. I enrolled myself under a coach to transform myself. During the process, I understood most of the things that I was doing was wrong. I started learning and understanding the science behind it. As we know, ‘Easy come, easy go’. The same way, my fitness transformation was not without its ups and downs. I wound up going back to my habits of binge eating. It wasn’t easy as old habits die hard. However, over a period of time I learnt the importance of developing habits and maintaining consistency. I started out by slowly replacing one bad food habit at a time with a good one. Over time, I worked on developing good food relationships. I started loving lifting weights and my new craving moved from junk food to learning more about fitness. I enrolled for a course wherein I started learning about Nutrition and Fitness science. It was fascinating to learn about ourselves (the human body) and the importance of Nutrition, how it all adds up and impacts us.


I am happy to say that after 4 years in my fitness journey which saw its ups and downs, I am now fit and a certified Fitness coach. I am moving ahead with the goal to help people lead a healthy lifestyle with the right food habits. Out of my love for fitness, I have also guided people in developing the correct techniques while exercising and developing a positive mindset with food. When they tell me how they are benefitting from this, I feel glad that I am now at the phase where I can add value to their life by driving a positive impact on their health. My roadmap is to help other people manage a sustained healthy lifestyle. It is truly said, ‘HEALTH IS WEALTH’ and this is one investment where a little every day reaps big rewards over time.


Swapnil Zanwar

Engineer and Fitness Coach

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