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My Weight Loss Journey

Here I am posting what actually made me loose those extra kilos.  Losing the weight was the biggest challenge in my life for me. I've always been fat since a long time and blamed my operation for that.
This process didn't happen overnight. It was slow but steady. It has taught me about perseverance, patience, self-control and many things what I learnt for good.
I had reached 80 kgs, I had no control over what I did. I felt embarrassed. I was depressed. I never really felt the need to tell anyone about it because I thought was strong enough to handle it on my own. I joked about it. People joked about it. I kept giving people reasons to do it. I cried. I laughed. I cried again, but I knew that until I don't do something, nothing will happen.
I got up one day and decided, that was it. I told myself, at least try. Whatever happens, let's just try.
Everyone knows about my love for food so much that I made it a part of something what I do for a living. There was struggle. There were sacrifices. There are still going to be more. It's not over. When I started, I honestly never believed in myself because I thought it would be a joke which I would laugh about later and give up on it. But, as I kept losing a little everyday, it made me strong. It made me believe that good things take time. There were cheat days, there were bad days, I was moody, irritated, but I just kept telling myself and stayed motivated.
When I lost the weight, I started feeling good, I started being positive. Things around me started changing. I still remember how people who taunted me and made me feel bad about myself, started talking to me properly. (I won't forget you guys)
This post here is for everyone out there who thinks that you can't really achieve anything.
15 kgs may not be a big deal for many people out there. But when you see yourself more active and balanced, it makes you happy.
The journey wasn't easy but it was worth it. Came a long way, still a long way to go.
I still haven't achieved my target yet but I know I will because I haven't come so far to give up.

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