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For a moment ,let us be honest with ourselves, why do we really start working out ? No matter how much you deny but the answer to this question for most of us will be : To get into our so called ideal shape. Some of us want to lose those extra pounds and some of us want to gain weight . Very few people start working out to adapt to a healthy lifestyle and stay fit. That is why, when we don't get our desired results overnight or within a few weeks we just stop the process altogether, which is sad.

 So first of all , we need to understand that working out can't give you the perfect shape overnight but it can sure your improve your health overnight.
Now let me share my life changing experience with you which altered my outlook towards working out. I was really skinny because my body's metabolism is really fast. And I also had some blood pressure issues because my blood pressure was always very low. So I was really desperate to gain a few pounds. I started eating all kinds of junk food starting from pastries , chocolates , burgers , pizza and shooted up my calorie intake as high as possible. I thought that I just need to gain calories to gain weight but I was wrong. Those calories only increase the fat content of the body which is the underlying cause of many serious health conditions like diabetes. Soon , I became very lazy and lethargic and even fell sick for a few days. Due to the high sugar content in my diet I had acne breakout. After all this one thing was clear to me that my health was much more important than looking good. So, I incorporated certain healthy things into my diet without worrying about the less calorie intake. I started eating seeds before my breakfast. 
I took vitamin C supplements as vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins for our body and if we get the right amount of it our body will successfully fight most of the diseases. I even started working out in a healthy way with customized plan from my trainer. And surprisingly I even started gaining weight ,got in good shape and most importantly am healthy right now. 
I realised it the hard way but all it takes for you to realise that you need to workout and eat healthy to be disease free is just reading this article. 
So, don't give up , follow the science and you will be the best version of youself. 

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