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Stay Happy. Stay Healthy

There is no perfect meaning of the word, “Fitness”. The definition is sui generis. For some it’s all about getting into shape. For some fitness is worship. For me though, fitness is all about how you feel.

 I’ll start by talking about how I got into this “Fitness zone”. I am a writer and as one may guess, it’s a profession that lacks physical activity. Seated at one place for hours together and feeling fatigued by the end of the day was the daily story of my life.

Tired of the haggardness, I decided to workout. After watching many videos and reading self help articles, I zeroed in on yoga.

I started from Pranayama. At the beginning I was able to do it for a mere 30 seconds. Being extremely impulsive I wanted some quick results. And so kept on adding one or two Asanas daily. 

I made it a point to spend at least an hour doing some hard Asanas. Soon I was addicted. I started feeling great internally.

But soon, the tragedy of lack of motivation struck me. I started procrastinating. I tried hard to make my exercise routine enjoyable by playing my favourite songs or listening to radio. But my enthusiasm to workout waned out as my work pressure started piling up.

Slowly I started feeling bored to do the same Asanas again and again. No song or radio could motivate me to maintain the regime. I was assuring myself that instead of doing exercises, I was at least doing something productive by working.

In no time, the thing that loves my body more than myself was back on me. The Flab. I was back to feeling weary. Not that having flab was a bad thing, but I had conquered it once. Now I wanted to eradicate it again.

Then one fine day, I made up my mind. A routine is a routine. Like we don’t forget to eat or sleep on time, exercising too should be strictly practiced. This time however, I found ways to be physically active. I understood that you don’t need a yoga mat or sneakers to stay fit. You just need the will to be physically active.

This idea killed my constant excuses to find motivation to exercise. Now either I go for long walks, indulge in doing household chores or simply get away with a 15 minutes of plank.

I finally understood that at the end of the day, fitness is all about feeling healthy and active rather than slimming down or cutting down the flab. All you need to do is, simply chart out your convenient workout time. Make it not too burdensome. Half an hour, 3 days a week is enough to activate the happy cells in your body.

What I learnt from my experience is to love yourself. Embrace your individuality. You don’t have to be a pro but avoid pro-crastination. Stay happy. Stay healthy.

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