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The BEST GIFT I ever received

Back in college (around 7 years back) I was this girl with zero self-confidence, overweight (85 kg), on the verge of slipping into depression & surviving on anti-depressants. I really thought low about myself & had no motivation in life whatsoever, until this "uplifting" realization hit me one day after an incident.
It was our final semester & all the girls in the hostel were gossiping about what they'd gift each other before leaving the college. My roomie asked me what I wanted & before I could answer somebody said "The best gift for her would be some dumbbells & a weighing machine so could realize how much weight she has put on & start working out". It might have been unintentional & a genuine advice but that statement really pinched me like a 1000 injections. I made up my mind to prove those people wrong & started working out! That's it..that was the turning point for me & I never looked back! I started getting better each day & even joined some fitness discussion groups on Facebook. That's where I met my friend, my lover, my guardian, Navanshu (We are married now!)
We instantly clicked (because obviously our topics of discussions were so similar; health, diets etc) & we started going out. He related to my struggles to a great deal, because he had recovered from a rare disease called vasculitis (which paralyses the limbs of the body), a few months back, & he was aware of how difficult it is to recover from a serious illness, be it mental or physical). He started motivating me towards a healthier lifestyle. He made workout & diet plans for me (the source being internet research), he used to call me everyday at 5 am & kept calling until I picked up & affirmed that I am getting ready for the gym! These were some of the many efforts he put in for me.
Its been 6 years now & I am this happy, mentally & physically fit (50kg) girl & wife to the best human being on this planet. I have not only been able to run in 5k, 10k & half marathons but I have also won a few of them! I have even delivered motivational speeches at my workplace because my team wanted me to motivate others too. Now when I look back & think about that college incident, I feel happy that it happened because it not only made me realize the importance of fitness but it made me meet my life partner. It was literally the BEST GIFT I received!
-Divya Chauhan

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