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Unfit to being FIT.

Sizzling sausages, round burgers donned with exquisite contents, crisp fries, spicy crab treat, ginger chilly prawns.....

It tickled my tastebuds 'budding' with finger licking aroma. 
But this is an experience of transformation which locked me. 
Life was savoured thus and FITNESS was just another word for me. 
I succumbed to weekend delights devouring all the fast food, furiously.
I was indeed FAST and FURIOUS in my diet. 
A night after my cousins wedding, while flipping over the exuberant photographs of the couple, I sensed a few thick layers on my scalp
Oh that's okay, maybe thats unnoticed dirt which were spared during my FAST shower, convinced my FAST mind.
This dirt was stubborn when I tried scrapping it off.   More scales scoffed at me the next day and those were furiously strewed over my head.
What were those? Silver scales like that on a fish!
OK, underestimating my new silver crown  just for courtesy sake,  I decided to introduce my new uninvited companion  to a family doctor.
"Hmmm... It's mild psoriasis. You should  reduce weight, control food and become FIT" 
"Include lot of green food" 
concluded my doctor after a close examination. The list of do's and don'ts was like an ocean.  
And NO FAST FOOD was the iceberg in that ocean. I was stuck  on hearing it and split myself into two halves. 
Why? What? and HOW? 
These scales recited itchness on my head. It was residing on my head and the inflammation was indeed fast in recurrennce and furious in rawness. 
I finally decided to become FIT. Whatever it meant,  Fitness was now the only antibiotic for this silver tiara ! 
Walk... Walk.... Walk... Push up... Sit ups.... Run... 
What not! 
These activities made my thighs cry in pain but in vain,
It made my head ache with lot of thoughts to take ,
I faked illness but I got baked by my trainer! 
FITNESS to me was F-Fatigue, 
I-Indolence, T-Tedious, N-Negligence, E-Erratic, S-Superfluous and S-Scorn... 
But I had to be fast and furious to fight back this silver darling.  
Yes now I was ready for it! 
Walk walk walk, talk talk talk
Walk the Talk was what I learnt. 
To PUSH UP my body and mind to ignite the brain. 
I learnt to SIT UP on my disease 
and RUN successfully on the right track
Life was lush, sprawling and vibrant.
Going green helped me to embrace the essential colours of life. 
I lost 10 kgs of pounds in two months realising that one gets an unappealing friend-weight,  along with the appealing savouries. 
All I did was savour, relish and cherish these moments and FITNESS is now to me :
This is the story of my success and motivation. 
I would like to quote this  saying 
'A friend in need is a friend in deed.' 
Those scales became my friend at the need of the hour which revamped by unfitting deeds to'fitting and fighting deeds'! 

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