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Workout is imperative in our life

I am Dipanjan and I am an engineer by profession.

I would like to recall an instance couple of years back when I started gaining weight because of my sendantary lifestyle and lack of workout. Soon I realized the importance of daily workout and started paying a lot of attention towards my health and balanced my daily schedule.
Adding to this, to negate my inactive schedule led by my desk-bound job and daily travelling to my office by car, I joined swimming in a nearby sports complex. After few weeks the results  which I got were astounding.
Not only I lost excess weight which I    had gained but the outcome was very satisfactory as forty five minutes of swimming was very invigorating and revitalizing. After everyday's mental exhaustion in the office this daily session of swimming turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me as it contributed not only towards my weight loss but also gave me a refreshing experience at the end of the day. 
Furthermore, inorder to add more activities in my daily schedule, I started travelling my the metro to my office. Walking in some of the bigger stations like ISBT and Mandi House for changing the metro and ensuring that I rather used stairs instead of the elevators and lifts in the stations actually improved my agility and mobility.
To conclude, in my opinion, daily workout is absolutely imperative in today's hectic and frenetic lifestyle and one should definitely indulge into workout activities not necessarily gymming but any activity which best suits an individual. 
Afterall, health is wealth and it is not wrong to say that without health there is no wealth.

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