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Lives since March 2020 have not been same to all of us.  Losses all across the countries be it Financial, Economical, Physical or Mental each one of us have suffered.
But there is one word which we all knew but never paid attention upon.  That one word on which our survival is based upon ,the word wasnt so so important to us until the Covid-19 came into existence and that word is IMMUNITY, Yes you read it Right the word is Immunity and its not just a word any more it has became the top most priority in the life of  each one of us. This was something to which most of us were simply taking for granted and now we have came to know that this one thing called Immunity is what our lives are based upon.
Before I tell you more about it let me tell you what Covid-19 is or what it stand for.  So it  CO means Corona VI means Virus amd D means Disease and 19 means novel Corona Virus as the newest.... 
So why all of sudden Immunity thing became so popular so let me tell you Humans have been co-existing with virus since decades and have been immune to fight with it.  First of all we need to dig a little deeper and know that any virus which enters into the human body is not there to kill the body as we all know and have studied in schools that virus or bacteria are the living body or living thing now when they enter a body they wanna survive in thay body n live so what if the body is just not capable of handling any foreign body inside ita body and is inefficient to fight it thats where the problem occurs and thats where this IMMUNITY thing comes into picture.
The current era of generation is the most luckiest generation in terms of Comfort n convenience they have all possible eminities in life to make it more effort  free and time saving so to utilise that time for more work and hence this blessing of the most high tech living comfort is also leading to the  most metabolic poor generation as well. 
Even if people wish to they cant help it by living away with technology as wherever you see there is technology and hence the Fitness Industry has came as a By-Product of technology  a place where the humans go to actually exert themselves.
      And therefore in this current situation having everything ahut n closed and where people are trapped in their Homes and have very limited access to the outside work physically thats where the YOG comes for the rescue inorder to help them built a better immunity to survive and live.
We all understand the very basic of fitness n health is that the body ia designed to perform and the more inactive you make the more loss of activity is there the more you loose a functional body . Now YOG clearly defines that the body is not just about the  physical fitness but its about the Mental ,Spiritual amd Social Aspects as well.
In YOG the body is defined into different 7 layers that of a outer body which is  the physical body,  inner body  soul body ,emotion body the mental body etc.  So rather than going deep into that let me fiat talk about fixing the basics.
       So lets talk about the Outer Physical Body ie. the Annamayakosha is Yogis Language .. Now this is purely based on the two factors ie. Exercise & Nutrition.
The best thing which has happened during the Covid time is that now everyone is pretty well aware for the fact that they have to make effort to take care of their Body so to survive now here it do not say that if you do exercise n take care nutrition you wont be affected ao dont take me wrong however we all still need to follow the needful. Giving your body 60minutes of good physical activity in the form of Asan abhyas or any other form of exercise will lead to a better pain free n better functioning body leading to many other benefits.
   As it is very rightly said that  a Healthy Body resides a Healthy Mind so that the first very basic from where one can start.
Now coming to the Nutrition aspects of it , In YOG it is said you are what you eat now dont take it just as phrase it has very literal meaning to it.  Human have the most Organic Body and we cant expect it to perform based on a bad food that means we cant make it have Optimum performance based on a bad fuel for its energy. 
I mean its as easy to understand as for example we have bike and we a bad quality petrol into it and then we expect it to run on the top speed and also result it good milage so that wont happen rather the bike will start detoriating with time.
The literal meaning of We are What We Eat is that we all know we are made up of cells and every day we loose our body in form of dead cells and then everyday or rather minute n second we are making new cells and technically based on our Nutrition we are creating New Body.  We all must have heard or seen people transforming loosing those extra Fat from the body and they started looking all the more better n Functional.
Now once you are all sorted with a good functional body now we move onto the second layer which is Called as Mannamayakosha in Yogis language the inner you so this ia more for the mindfulness like what you think how you think.  
       On am average the human mind have 70000-90000 thoughts in a day and that too 95% of them are all repetitive so just imagine the amount of burden you have given to your mind so isnt that a torture of oneself.
Having the science of YOG is blessing for us as it not only heals our bodies with the help of Asana but it heals our thought and gives us clarity in our Minds .
         So having a science so amazingly beautiful n simple we should make the best use of it to make our lives more blissful,  functional and hardcore to handle anything n everything which comes our way whether its a physical challenge or a Mental Challenge
So come join me in the Journey Of YOG and make the best use of it making not just oneself but the world a better place to live ..
There is no definition of being Fit. You can always be better than what you were earlier Fit- Fitter-Fittest ...there is No end to it. It all Begins and Ends with you  hence the choice is yours Day One or One Day. 🙏🏻

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