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yoga made my life

I performed yoga the first time in my life when I was 10 years old. I was probably in class 5 or 6 that time. I must say that I was pretty thin and my mom desperately wanted me to be healthy and she was quite keen to get my body in shape. So, my dad got me enrolled in the local yoga class disregarding my repeated refusals. I was an introvert at that age and shy too.

When I was taken to the yoga class with my father that day. He was a guy with a maintained body. That day I was somewhat feeling afraid to talk to him. I always used to be afraid of the sir in my school during childhood (In the next two years, I realized that he was good person, friendly by nature and interacted with his students like an elder brother). He asked me a few questions that day so as to know about me a bit to which I answered reluctantly keeping no eye contact with him. He also had a conversation with me on general topics, but I was the one who spoke less.....

After some time a few students came into the class out of those mostly were girls. The age of the group ranged from 10-14 years. I met two known people there. The dress-code for the girls were a costume which looked similar to some swimming costume. For the guys it were a sleeveless vest and a brief. Well, yes, I was somewhat shy to appear in the same in front of an unknown group of people but I somewhat managed to be in those in front of them. Yes, I was feeling kind of uneasy for sometime. But, after some time, I got used to it. The best thing was that no body was staring at me in an awkward manner or speaking about me with the adjacent person. Yes! I felt relaxed. We started with warm-ups for sometime and then moved to main course of yogasanas. As I was a newbie so I allowed to skip some of the asanas which were for advanced students. That day, I realized that I was not in a yoga class but came there to learn Sanskrit. The names of the asanas were quite difficult to remember hearing them once. Please don’t ask me to speak them out. I am sorry, I can’t. LOL.

Overall, it was a good experience that day. I made a few new friends there. I was associated with the class for the next two years until I changed my school. By that time, every student had became my friend there. During the two years of my yoga classes, I enjoyed going there everyday. It was not for performing awkward yogas there but to enjoy the company of my friends. But, still if you ask me what was my happiest experience in yoga, I would say it was the day when I attended the first yoga class of my life. It was more eventful than any other day there.

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