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Exercise To Beat Stress

Exercise raises our heartrate, improves physical fitness, overall health and wellbeing. It also has numerous benefits like building strength and stamina, improving muscle tone and endurance.

Is It Safe To Go To A Gym During Covid Pandemic

As Gyms are gradually opening in Delhi under Unlock 4.0, is it really safe to go back to gyms in the midst of this pandemic? It is proven that the coronavirus does not spread through sweat. But this does not necessarily mean that working out has low infection risk.

Paving the Road to Mental Fitness

Physical fitness has become a growing concern these days due to the pandemic, which has left people confined to their homes. What however seems to be neglected is a person’s emotional and mental well-being.

Stay Happy. Stay Healthy

I finally understood that at the end of the day, fitness is all about feeling healthy and active rather than slimming down or cutting down the flab. All you need to do is, simply chart out your convenient workout time. Make it not too burdensome. Half an hour, 3 days a week is enough to activate the happy cells in your body.

Unfit to being FIT.

Life was savoured thus and FITNESS was just another word for me. I succumbed to weekend delights devouring all the fast food, furiously. I was indeed FAST and FURIOUS in my diet.

Fitness : A Necessary Dose Of Happiness

I have always struggled greatly with low self-esteem,clinical depression and severe anxiety.These have been exacerbated by working too much,putting too much pressure on myself,not taking care of my health and fitness,along with external stressors.Unfortunately,this crisis made me a victim of alcoholism.Eventually,I became so stressed out,depressed and chemically imbalanced that I was incapacitated and couldn't get through normal daily activities.Due to these unforeseen activities,family taunts set me apart.Sometimes,the constant worsening of health and loneliness forced me to commit suicide.


My day started with a warm glass of water accompanied with 50 grams of cashew nuts and walnuts. These two products basically tend to promote a healthy gut as well as it kept our weight in control. The next step involved a slow jogging of approximately 500 metres which covered the distance between my house and the gym. It almost helped me to attain a good piece of stamina as well as it fostered me to start my workout in an enthusiastic manner as it was a mandatory routine i used to follow on a daily basis.

My fitness journey

I decided that I have to do something for my health. Initially was very difficult for me but I didn’t give up. Earlier, I went to the gym but when I stopped workout I gained so much weight. Because of some work schedule, i didn’t’ know what to do, so decided I will start at home. My morning routine start with my alkaline water that is lemon water and honey with pinch of turmeric.

My Fitness Journey

Motivation has never been an issue for me. I don’t know why I didn't start exercising before I did. When I was younger I did a lot of walking and cycling – but not intentional exercise. Then at the start of 2018 when I was coming out of a dark place, I thought exercise might be able to help.

My fitness box.

We have all been boxed for quite some time but our minds will always be free. Wait. This is it. This is the life changing, fitness journey and lesson for all of us. We always say fitness has no excuses but look at us now. Let’s think outside the box while we are in it, shall we? My fitness journey is not a spectacular one where I have overcome all my fears and became the world’s best fitness junky.

Fitness - - An Indispensable Part Of Life - -

A fire of self motivation got ignited in mind and soul which drove whole body to start up fitness with urgency and strictly.Morning started with glass of warm water ,to all the stretching exercises with compulsory Yogas followed by evening slow jugging with cardio exercises.Food habits needed to be changed with proper diet, intake became like a worship.


Some of us want to lose those extra pounds and some of us want to gain weight . Very few people start working out to adapt to a healthy lifestyle and stay fit. That is why, when we don't get our desired results overnight or within a few weeks we just stop the process altogether, which is sad.

Fitness:The main stream of one's life

There are many ways to be fit.Lot of exercises like walking, doing yoga,push ups,squats, running, cycling, etc are there.Mostly one best fitness exercise can be said to be of walking.Walking can provide a lot of benefits.Walking can improve our cardiovascular system, strength of the heart & the capacity of the lungs.

The BEST GIFT I ever received

"The best gift for her would be some dumbbells & a weighing machine so could realize how much weight she has put on & start working out". It might have been unintentional & a genuine advice but that statement really pinched me like a 1000 injections.

Fitness makes man perfect

We are thinking how it possible for us. Never impossible for any person, so be serious. Without fitness man falls ill every time. He is not enjoying happy life in the world. Every time take part in Fit India Movement program, they share important knowledge about fitness.

My Weight Loss Journey

I had reached 80 kgs, I had no control over what I did. I felt embarrassed. I was depressed. I never really felt the need to tell anyone about it because I thought was strong enough to handle it on my own. I joked about it. People joked about it. I kept giving people reasons to do it. I cried. I laughed. I cried again, but I knew that until I don't do something, nothing will happen.

Postpartum weight loss

A healthy diet with daily exercise will help in weight loss. Breastfeeding can also help with weight loss and it is important to return to a healthy weight after delivery.


Health drinks from wheat grass, preparation of snacks like samosa and kachori from mangrove associate plant species (like Suaeda maritima and Salicornia sp.) are some of the cutting-edge researches extended from our department by the research scientists. Both wheat grass and the mangrove associate species have considerable nutritional values and are rich in protein.

My fitness story

Fitness is not only restricted to shape but for a healthy body and mind. I'm taking all the suggestions from my family and friends.

yoga made my life

I always used to be afraid of the sir in my school during childhood (In the next two years, I realized that he was good person, friendly by nature and interacted with his students like an elder brother). He asked me a few questions that day so as to know about me a bit to which I answered reluctantly keeping no eye contact with him. He also had a conversation with me on general topics, but I was the one who spoke less.....

Workout is imperative in our life

After everyday's mental exhaustion in the office this daily session of swimming turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me as it contributed not only towards my weight loss but also gave me a refreshing experience at the end of the day.

Yog Karona

We need to dig a little deeper and know that any virus which enters into the human body is not there to kill the body as we all know and have studied in schools that virus or bacteria are the living body or living thing now when they enter a body they wanna survive in the body n live so what if the body is just not capable of handling any foreign body inside ita body and is inefficient to fight it that's where the problem occurs and that's where this IMMUNITY thing comes into picture.

Don"t Panic beat the Pndemic

Partying-was left to looking at pictures in my phone,of the days gone by Socializing-was reduced to looking at the screens,meetings people over video calls Going to the Gym-forget it-One couldn"t even go to the parks for stroll Where did it leave me ALONE

My Voyage from a Food Junkie to a Fitness Coach

I realized I had to seek proper guidance if I wanted to get my fitness journey on the right path. I enrolled myself under a coach to transform myself. During the process, I understood most of the things that I was doing was wrong